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UPS Black Friday 2019


Apr 02 2019

No sooner will you observe the UPS schedule on Black Friday than you will be able to order the deliveries using special holiday prices.

YES, UPS is working on Black Friday.

ups black friday schedule 2019

is ups open on black friday 2019

Black Friday is one of the most long-awaited occasions in the US and around the world. Many companies prepare for this day, and postal service providers aren’t an exception. What’s UPS Black Friday schedule? Find out how the company works and which services it provides.

In the US, Black Friday is an unofficial name for the Friday after Thanksgiving day. This day starts the Christmas shopping season since 1952: stores offer huge discounts and special offers for customers. A lot of people buy New Year and Christmas gifts enjoying sales and rich choice of items.  

Does UPS deliver on Black Friday 2018

Does UPS deliver on Black Friday? Yes, it executes all kinds of delivery including standard and express shipping on the territory of the US and abroad. UPS store locations are open all day long, and sorting centers operate, as well. Customers can receive their parcels both in the offices and from a carrier.

As for UPS Black Friday schedule, it does not change – the postal offices follow the same business hours. No short working days are organized – the carrier prepares to deliver parcels during the Black Friday shopping period. Be prepared for delays in shipping due to a huge volume of shipments processed.

Is UPS open on Black Friday?

Is UPS open on Black Friday? Yes, as we’ve mentioned, the postal service provider keeps its door open for clients all day long. Feel free to receive your parcels, ask for UPS assistants’ help, and order other services. The mobile application and official UPS website are also always available for shipping tracking and management,

Does UPS work on Black Friday? Yes, UPS postal offices are open, and it ships parcels on a regular basis. You can receive your deliveries and get fully-fledged assistance from the company.

Written by Katherin M.

Last modified 03.04.2019