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Is UPS open on Christmas Eve 2019?


Apr 02 2019

No sooner will you observe the UPS schedule on Сhristmas Eve than you will be able to order the deliveries in the end of December.

NO, UPS doesn’t work on Christmas, except the UPS Express Critical service.

ups delivery christmas eve 2019

ups christmas 2019

The main holiday for the Christian community, Christmas is observed throughout the world. Is UPS open on Christmas Eve? The vast majority of businesses and individuals in the USA take a day off on Christmas Eve. Find out how the postal service provider works, and which services stay available.

Christmas is an annual holiday dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s observed on December 25 as a religious and social festival among billions of individuals around the world. Christmas Day is celebrated in a significant number of the world's nations. In the US, X-mas it’s the reason for families to get together, dine and exchange Christmas gifts.

Does UPS deliver on Christmas Eve 2018?

Does UPS deliver on Christmas Eve? Like many other businesses, UPS observes Christmas and stays closed. In 2018 and 2019, UPS does NOT work on Christmas and does not provide any services except for UPS Express Critical. It means you cannot visit a UPS store location to receive a parcel or get assistance from the staff. Sorting centers are also shut.

What about UPS Christmas delivery? It is not provided either. Standard and express shipping is not executed both on the territory of the US and abroad. If you ship your package internationally, be prepared that other countries and their postal services also observe Christmas and stay shut.

What does UPS deliver on Christmas?

UPS Express Critical is the only service provided on X-mas – it can be used for very important shipments. What does UPS deliver on Christmas? Those can be mission-critical documents, time-sensitive correspondence, and so on. To send a parcel via this service, you should visit a UPS location before 25 of December!

As for all other types of shipping, you should expect delays – a day-off and a large volume of deliveries take their toll on the date of parcel arrival. UPS shipping Christmas period is very busy for the company, so you should take care of your shipments to be dispatched beforehand to expect timely delivery.

Although UPS store locations are shut, you can always track and manage your parcels on the official UPS website. The mobile application is also available for users regardless of holidays.

Even in non-Christian social groups, Christmas has turned into a good tradition helping to strengthen family bonds, so it’s a good idea for all of us to take a day off and dedicate it to the dearest and nearest ones. Is UPS open on Christmas Eve? No, but if you have mission-critical parcels, UPS Express Critical is available for you.

Written by Katherin M.

Last modified 03.04.2019