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Does UPS deliver on Memorial Day 2019


Mar 05 2019

Only then will you read the following article, you can plan your deliveries with UPS on Memorial Day 2019. There are written about all the services which UPS provides.

NO - UPS doesn’t deliver on this holiday.

Memorial Day

If you ask “Does UPS deliver on Memorial day?”, you should know that this holiday is observed all over the USA, so the answer is ‘No’. Like other postal companies, UPS will be closed on this day, so you won’t have an opportunity to dispatch a parcel or make an inquiry for the carrier.

One of the most important national holidays, Memorial day typically takes place on the last Monday of May. It is dedicating to honoring the memory of people who died in any military service or a war for the United States.

There’s no way for UPS store open on Memorial day: usually, it is a national day-off for businesses and citizens. For this reason, you cannot send or receive mail during this day. However, there’s a chance to send a small letter or package via mailbox, if you have prepared the package or an envelope beforehand.

In UPS Memorial day is always a day-off

Like all other mail carriers, UPS treats Memorial day like a day-off. Neither offices nor delivery service works on this day. In UPS Memorial day, operations are not executed as usual. Since it’s a non-working day, you should manage your parcels and letters in advance for the holiday not to mess up with your plans.

Don’t worry – it will not impact the due delivery date. The carrier calculates delivery time precisely with consideration of the holiday. You can still track your parcel if the shipping process is in progress.

How does UPS deliver on Memorial day 2018?

In no way did UPS parcels be delivered on this day, except the UPS Express Critical.  Do the carriers from UPS deliver on Memorial day 2018? Parcels are handled only by transportation companies. It means that on Memorial Day 2018, your package might been on its way to the postal office. However, it won’t be processed in a sorting center since all the staff takes a day-off.

If you don’t receive your package on the Memorial Day, your item will stay at a local delivery office. It will be processed on the next business day, Tuesday. However, if you don’t have the parcel delivered on Tuesday, you can contact UPS assistants and arrange a convenient date to pick up your parcel. There’s a change in UPS Memorial day schedule only - on the next day, all services are available as usual.

Can you track your parcel or manage it? Yes, such services are always available online. You can always visit the website to check out the shipping status and manage all related details. Regardless of holidays, UPS website and mobile application are always at hand to provide you with up-to-date information.

Written by Katherin M.

Last modified 19.03.2019