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Does UPS deliver on Labor Day 2019?


Mar 29 2019

No sooner will you observe the UPS schedule on Labor Day than you will be able to order the deliveries in the beginning of September.

NO, UPS does not work on Labor Day, except UPS Express Critical.

does ups work on labor day 2019

ups labor day 2019

Being a national holiday, Labor Day is observed all through the USA – the vast majority of organizations remain shut during this Monday. Does UPS deliver on Labor Day? Let’s find out how the major American postal service provider works during this day.

Labor Day is an official holiday in the USA that’s traditionally organized on the first Monday in September. It is committed to commending the achievement and accomplishments of the American labor movement and the contributions of all workers. This Monday is also called Labor Day Weekend.

Is UPS open on Labor Day 2018?

Is UPS open on Labor Day? Unfortunately, like many other different organizations in the US, it is shut during the first Monday of September. The essential services, such as local delivery (be that standard or express shipping) are not provided. Postal workplaces and sorting centers are also closed throughout the day. Clients can get their packages at least on the following day.

In 2018 and 2019, UPS on Labor Day does NOT provide any services except for UPS Express Critical (this service is available for a certain fee). Therefore, customers should expect a one-day delay in delivery of their shipments. It also applies to situations when shipments are handled by other American postal companies in conjunction with UPS (they take a day-off, too).

Don’t wait for UPS open on Labor Day – Visit the website!

Does UPS open on Labor Day during some hours? Absolutely not – it is closed all day long.  As we have just referenced, UPS offices and centers remain shut from morning to the rest of the day – all laborers take a day-off. Although parcels are not delivered, you can still manage the shipping process and get insight into the operations – visit the official UPS website. Regardless of UPS delivery Labor Day, or any other holidays, the website is always accessible. In the client area, users can track their parcels or get all shipment-related information.

What about customer support? Because of the Labor day, UPS does not support live customer support, and telephone calls are not replied. You can either issue a ticket or send an email and anticipate the answer on the following day. In any case, UPS site and mobile application are accessible for you to get shipping related data and track items.

So, does UPS deliver on Labor Day? It does not work and does not execute any deliveries except for UPS Express Critical.

Written by Katherin M.

Last modified 24.04.2019