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Does UPS deliver on Good Friday 2019


Mar 05 2019

Nowhere else can you get the actual working hours of UPS on Good Friday 2019, except this article. Get the hot info according to this holiday in a minute!

The answer is YES - carrier works with a regular schedule.

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The USA acknowledges a lot of national and religious holidays, and some companies observe Good Friday that takes place during Holy Week. Does UPS deliver on Good Friday? Yes, the company works by its usual schedule – the holiday is not observed in offices or sorting centers.

Good Friday is a Christian holiday dedicated to the reverence to the crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Calvary. The holiday is observed during the Holy Week on the Friday before Easter Sunday. Good Friday has become an instituted legal holiday all over the globe, especially in the vast majority of Western Countries. UPS Good Friday delivery is not affected by this holiday anyhow, because it’s legally instituted in 12 US states only. Shipping is available over all states. In some countries, certain activities are prohibited during this day, for instance, in Germany, racing and dancing are banned.

Is UPS open on Good Friday 2018?

During some Christian holidays many businesses close their doors and do not provide services. Is UPS open on Good Friday? Absolutely! All postal offices work as usual, and sorting centers continue doing their tasks in a routine mode. You can always visit the closest UPS office to:

  • Send or receive parcel;
  • Manage shipping and related documents;
  • Solve issues and get professional help from assistants.

The business hours aren’t shortened during Good Friday – offices are opened, as usual, so you don’t have to worry about being late.

Are all services provided during UPS Good Friday?

In UPS Good Friday is not a reason to leave customers without essential services. They work normally and provide shipping service with the same quality and speed. Clients can order:

  • Express delivery (both local and international);
  • Standard delivery (both local and international);
  • Shipping of bulky packages and loads.

Tracking options are also available – the information about shipping is updated in real time. Regardless of UPS Good Friday schedule, customers can always visit the official website and get a detailed insight into the delivery progress. The mobile app provides relevant information, as well.

UPS strives to reach excellence and provide clients with the highest quality of services, that’s why its services are available on a constant basis. Even during holidays, users can always visit the website and proceed to the client area to manage orders.

So the answer to the question “Does UPS deliver on Good Friday?” is always yes.

Written by Katherin M.

Last modified 08.03.2019