Purolator review by Y. Vanderkley

The first day my parcel wasn’t delivered was not your fault. Apparently it was shipped without the code. The second day I was told it would arrive I stayed home and you didn’t come, didn’t call. The third day you were supposed to get here between 9 and 1 (as your employee told me over the phone the previous day when we tried to figure out what was going wrong) But when it didn’t arrive we were eventually told it could be up till 6pm. Today was a beautiful Oct. day which I spent indoor waiting. At 5:30 I tracked the parcel on your site where it said it had been delivered at 3:30 and accepted at reception by someone other than me. My building doesn’t have a reception. At 5:30 I opened my door to find my $1500 microphone sitting by my door. No one buzzed up. No one called. How about giving me a call now and explaining it to me? I’ll take this rating off your site if you can.

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