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This has been a terribly frustrating and disappointing experience which has caused our family significant stress. We were expecting an 80lb delivery to a business location. It was crucial that it not be damaged and needed for business purposes. The company was to deliver to the business location. They gave us no notice of when it would arrive. We needed at least a 2 hour notice as we live away from the business location and have to commute. They delivered the first time after business hours. After spending a long time on hold, we finally got word that they would now deliver the next day. On the day indicated, they attempted delivery at 8:00am! No businesses in the city other than gas stations, etc. are open at that hour! We would have had to get up and leave the house at 6:30am to even be there! Again after spending hours on hold, we were told that the package would be delivered on the next business day. Because there was a statuary holiday that weekend, we had to wait another 4 days. After 4 days, another failed attempt to deliver was made again at 8:00 am with no word other than "delivery attempt". After spending another hour on hold, we made arrangements to pick it up ourselves which meant finding someone to help with the weight and transfer up a flight of stairs. I would like to know what we are paying for?? I do not recommend this company for business deliveries!

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