Purolator review by Francine Gough

Good Evening Purolator, Well yes my package was delivered today at 12:38 but no call to my buzzer to ask for entrance to the building. The drive managed to get into the building and leave the package in the lobby. Why wasn't this done on Friday when the package was first on the truck for delivery. As he didn't contact me to get into the building today, he clearly did not need the buzzer code. So my life has been in upheaval for days now waiting for the delivery first its on the truck but can't be delivered, then its on the truck except it wasn't and today with no ring to my buzzer I was again sitting waiting. In fact I had dialed Purolator to find out what had happened and the email appeared after I had been on hold for 15 minutes. I will never buy anything that must be delivered by Purolator, your customer service people are lovely, but that can't make up for the frustration and time wasted waiting around for something that mostly wasn't there. Regards Francine Gough

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