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Mail Delivery on Veterans Day 2019

Mar 28 2019

Can mail be delivered on Veterans Day? No more doubts - read the article and get the answer!

YES, Mail services are available on Veterans Day.

is there mail delivery on veterans day 2019

is there mail on veterans day 2019

The answer to this question obviously depends on the carrier company providing you mail delivery on Veterans Day. But let’s start from the beginning. Veterans Day is one of the federal holidays, observed annually in November, and mark the anniversary of the end of WWI. It is a public holiday and an off-day for most governmental organizations and some private businesses, including US postal service. Though, some private companies provide mail service on Veterans Day as usual and only slightly change the hours for particular services.

Does mail run on Veterans Day at all?

For the most part, yes, it does. If you’ve used services of Federal Express or UPS, you can be sure to get your mail on this date as usual, as the holiday does not affect their scheduled pickups and deliveries. But if you’re awaiting item sent with USPS, and are wondering does mail run on Veterans Day, bad luck for you, as you’ll have to wait for it until the day after this holiday.

Was there mail on Veterans Day 2018?

Much like any other year, in 2018 the customers of at least two major delivery companies were able to get any services and assistance they required on this day just like any other business day. Though for US postal service there was no mail on Veterans Day except for priority express deliveries on that year either. This year we have all the reasons to expect similar situation, so if you were planning some postal operations around this date, schedule them accordingly so that the possibility of getting your mail delivery on Veterans Day does not affect any of your plans.

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 02.04.2019