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Is there Mail on MLK day 2020?

Apr 03 2019

Can mail be delivered during the Martin Luther King Jr. Day? We will let you know this information just in a couple of minutes!

YES, Mail can be delivered on MLK Day.

is mail delivered on mlk day 2020

mail delivery on mlk day 2020

The third Monday of January is getting nearer and you start wondering, is there mail on MLK Day? Since Martin Luther King Jr. Day, dedicated to the man who successfully protested racial discrimination in federal and state law, is considered a federal holiday, but the answer might not be that obvious. For the most part, the name of the company, your parcel was dispatched with, defies the possibility of mail delivery on MLK Day, as not all of them share the same holiday schedule.

Is mail delivered on MLK Day at 2019?

Let’s say your delivery is provided by USPS, in this case the answer would be no, as this carrier does not provide services on this holiday. When it comes to other popular carrier companies, they are more eager to serve their customers on this day. By what companies is mail delivered on MLK Day? Well, offhand we’d say FedX and UPS guys are all ready to deliver or pick up any kind of mail on this day without a hitch.

Was there mail on MLK Day 2018?

Needless to say, that Martin Luther King Jr. Day has been a federal holiday for quite some time now, so the postal schedule for this day last year was pretty much the same as you can expect in 2019. Mail on MLK Day was delivered by the above mentioned popular carriers, so if you’ve used their services, there was no need to worry about your time-sensitive parcels. Though when it comes to USPS, both last and this year, no services are provided on this holiday. That’s why it would be better to manage your deliveries so that the answer to the question, “Is there mail on MLK Day?”, does not affect your affairs.

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 03.04.2019