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Is there mail delivery on Easter Monday 2019

Mar 08 2019

In case you're searching for an answer to the question "Is there mail delivery on Easter Monday 2019" - you will find it here. Just read the article and dispell all the doubts about Easter mail schedule!

YES, mail delivery is available on Easter Monday.


The mail companies’ customers often ask “Is there mail delivery on Easter Monday?”. One of the most widely observed Christian holidays, Easter is recognized all over the world. Although the vast majority of Christians dedicate their Easter Monday to related traditions, businesses do not usually observe it. Let’s find out how mail service providers over the USA work during this day, and whether mail delivery Easter weekend schedule is anyhow changed.

Easter (also called as Resurrection Sunday, or Pascha) is a holiday dedicated to the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, as specified in the New Testament). This festival is preceded by Great Lent, a 40-day period of fasting and praying. Christians from all over the world recognize this holiday and celebrate it with such rituals as egg hunting, the Easter Bunny, and Easter parades.

Is there mail on Easter Monday 2018?

Is there mail on Easter Monday? To put it shortly, the answer is always “Yes.” All mail service providers operate as usual: they stick to their traditional business hours. They deliver parcels and allow users to receive and send their shipments without delays. All kinds of delivery, be those by air, by truck, or by train, and provided on a regular basis. That’s why when you order a parcel, you don’ have to worry that Easter will cause any delays.

Easter mail delivery is performed on a regular basis, and it applies to all services, be that:

  • Standard shipping (both local and international);

  • Assistance in postal offices and professional customer support;

  • Work of sorting centers;

  • Real-time provision of information about delivery status.

Is Easter mail available in all postal companies?

In 2018, none of the American postal providers ceased working during Easter Monday. Easter mail services were performed as usual. That means, no delays and days-off should be expected this year. Customers will be able to send or receive a parcel without a hitch.

All official websites and mobile applications function, as well. Clients can get relevant information about their shipments and services in real time – it’s updated instantly. Online services (purchases, document management, and so on) stay always available.

So, is there mail delivery on Easter Monday? Yes, every postal service company in the USA continues working by its typical business hours. Please, note that every company has its own schedule.

Written by Katherin M.

Last modified 19.03.2019