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Is Mail delivered on Columbus Day 2019

Mar 28 2019

Can mail be delivered on Columbus Day? No more doubts - read the article and get the answer!

Yes, mail can be delivered on Columbus Day.

is there mail delivery on columbus day 2019

mail on columbus day 2019

Still find yourself wondering is mail delivered on Columbus Day? The Columbus Day, the day we all dedicate to celebrating Christopher Columbus first setting his foot on American shore? Well, if you just cannot relax and let yourself celebrate along with everyone else, you’ve come to the right place, as we are here to provide you the answer you seek. In the piece of info below you’ll find the most extensive answer to the question “is there mail on Columbus Day?”, that we hope might be useful to relieve you from your worries.

Is there mail delivery on Columbus Day?

This is probably the most often question asked by the people, who are curious about the holiday schedule of different postal couriers. Even though this day is considered a federal holiday in the US, most businesses still remain open, that implies to postal companies as well. So is there mail delivery on Columbus Day? Yes, there certainly is, except for USPS customers. No matter which type of service you used, your parcel can be delivered on Columbus Day by private carriers.

Was there mail on Columbus Day 2018?

That year was no exception. Carrier companies, beside USPS, were operating as usual, so one was perfectly able to contact customer support to lodge any inquiries, to dispatch or receive their mail on Columbus Day, or use any other service the companies offer. Though, some carriers modified hours for certain cervices, for the most part, it was possible to manage your deliveries in any sort of way without any need to adjust to the holiday schedule.

So, all in all, is mail delivered on Columbus Day? It mostly is.

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 02.04.2019