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Does the Mail run on New Years Eve 2019?

Apr 08 2019

Can mail be delivered during the New Years holiday? We will let you know this information just in a couple of minutes!

YES, Mail can be delivered on the New Years Eve.

does mail get delivered on new years eve 2019

mail on new years eve 2019

No more champagne and the fireworks are through. Here we are: me and you, asking, does the mail run on New Years Eve? Well, that’s quite thoughtful of you, as everybody knows that the presents are best when you rush for them hours before the New Year. And in case you’ve ordered yourself something for the holiday, and don’t actually want to go to local PO to pick the parcel up, you might want to know, with what probability does mail come on New Years Eve. We’re going to give you some insights on this question below.

Is mail delivered on New Years Eve?

Not to leave you in the woods for too long, yes, most delivery companies do provide services on New Year’s Eve. At least, that’s legit for the three most popular postal services providers in the US. Though, at times with modified hours, but certainly is mail delivered on New Years Eve, except for freight deliveries. Unfortunately for those, wanting to receive their mail on this day, the schedule around holidays is quite busy, so you might have to wait for your item until after the holidays.

Was there mail on New Years Eve 2018?

There certainly was, and there’s no need to expect anything different from the upcoming 2019’s one. But you’ve only received mail on New Years Eve if the delivery was scheduled beforehand. Of course, much like any other day, there were missed deliveries and some parcels did not reach destination in time, but the extent of those misfortunes did not exceed that of a regular business day. But just in case you were planning to mail anything around those dates, even though surely does the mail run on New Years Eve, try to manage your delivery carefully to get it in time.

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 09.04.2019