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Does mail run on Thanksgiving 2019?

Mar 28 2019

Can mail be delivered during the Thanksgiving holiday? We will let you know this information just in a couple of minutes!

NO, a regular mail services are not available on Thanksgiving.

does mail come on thanksgiving 2019

is there mail on thanksgiving 2019

Ah, Thanksgiving Day, the day families all gather together to eat, drink and argue. And if instead of cooking a turkey you spend time wondering “Does mail run on Thanksgiving?” we are here to relieve you from this stress so that you can enjoy all the other stresses of this blessed holiday. Being an annual federal holiday, it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and causes most of businesses to give their employees a day-off. Postal companies are no different, as for most of them on Thanksgiving delivery, pickup or any other kinds of services would not be provided as usual.

Is there mail the day after Thanksgiving?

As we’ve already mentioned, most carriers do not provide any kind of services (except for critical express deliveries) on the very day of Thanksgiving, but what about the next business day, which always happens to be Friday? Is there mail the day after Thanksgiving? Well, the carriers do provide most services on that day, though the opening hours might be slightly affected. Also, at least two of the most popular postal companies do not provide freight deliveries on the day after Thanksgiving so manage your deliveries accordingly.

Did someone receive their mail on Thanksgiving 2018?

If you were one of those who awaited their mail on Thanksgiving it might’ve been disappointing for you to not being able to receive it until the next business day, but that’s just what happened to all of those whose deliveries did not occur by November 21, they had to wait two more days to get their parcels (unless we’re talking about critical express mail).

So does mail run on Thanksgiving? Hope, you’ve got  your answer.

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 02.04.2019