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Does Mail run on Presidents Day 2020?

Apr 08 2019

Can mail be delivered during the Presidents Day? We will let you know this information just in a couple of minutes!

YES, some carriers are delivering through the Presidents Day.

mail delivery on presidents day 2020

mail on presidents day 2020

President’s Day, or as they also call it, Washington’s Birthday is an annual federal holiday, observed on the third Monday of February, and is considered a day-off for lots of businesses, including postal carriers. But in case you’re asking, does mail run on Presidents Day, the answer might not be that simple, as different companies do not share the same holiday schedule when it comes to this holiday. For example, if you are using United Postal or Federal Express services, there’s no need to worry over this day, as most services are provided by those carriers as usual. But in no way is mail delivered on Presidents Day by US Postal Services, as these guys do provide their employees a day off work, and all facilities this company operates are closed for the day.

Are Post Offices open on Presidents Day 2019?

In case you were planning to send or receive an urgent mail on this particular day, you might actually want to use the services of private delivery companies. Are Post Offices open on Presidents Day if we are talking about US national postal carrier? Not exactly. Yet again, they do consider it a full-fledged holiday, thus all facilities, as well as customer service, are closed for Washington’s Birthday.

Was there mail on Presidents Day 2018?

When one’s talking about postal holiday schedules, last year was no exception. Customers were able to manage their mail on Presidents Day only if it was sent with carriers beside USPS. Though, some of them did have modified business hours, no particular problems were registered, that would’ve been related to the holiday itself. This year, and the next one as well, there’s no need to expect anything different. Just remember, that by all means does mail run on Presidents Day, though not with every single carrier, so be sure you choose the right one for you.

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 08.04.2019