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Does mail run on Memorial Day 2019

Mar 05 2019

If you ever were interested in the schedule of US carriers on such national holiday, as the Memorial Day in 2019 - you will find the details for every specific courier in the following article. Not only is national courier info available, but also the most popular ones.

In case you ask yourself does mail run on Memorial day, the answer is no, as most businesses, postal companies are also closed, so there’s no way to dispatch your mail or make an enquiry to carriers. Being one of the most important public holidays, observed on the last Monday of May and dedicated to commemoration of all men and women who have died in military service for the United States, Memorial Day is a national day-off for general population and most businesses. That’s why in no way is there mail on Memorial Day, but you still can post the small packages or letters via mailboxes if you’ve prepared an envelope and paid for delivery in advance.

Memorial Day

Is mail delivered on Memorial Day?

For most postal carriers this holiday is a non-working day, when all the operations would not be carried as usual. So no matter how much you ask is mail delivered on Memorial Day, the answer would still be “no it’s not”, so it would be better to manage your urgent deliveries so that this holiday does not hinder the timing.

If there’s no mail delivery on Memorial Day, when do I get my parcel?

Do not be afraid if you failed to receive your packages or letters because there was no mail delivery on Memorial Day, your item will be stored at local delivery office and proceed for delivery on the next business day, which is Tuesday. If you still don’t get delivery on Tuesday, contact your local PO to schedule it for a convenient date or visit them to pick up the parcel.

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 19.03.2019