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Does Mail run on Labor Day 2019

Mar 29 2019

Can mail be delivered on Labor Day? No more doubts - read the article and get the answer!

No, mail doesn’t run on Labor Day.

mail on labor day 2019

mail on labor day 2019

You load sixteen tons, what do you get? Another day older and a weekend on Labor Day! But does mail run on Labor Day? No, it’s the day when no one owes their soul to the company store, even the guys from carrier companies. So if you want to receive or send a package, or buy some post merchandise, you better think twice before trying to do that on the first Monday in September. And guess what! There’s also no mail delivery on Labor Day, so brace yourself and get some rest along with everyone else.

Still asking is mail delivered on Labor Day?

Okay, we give you that, there’re times when getting your mail on the precise date is crucial, and for these cases, private delivery companies provide critical express services, that deliver your time-sensitive mail even on public holiday. So yes, only in rear cases is mail delivered on Labor Day, so plan your deliveries accordingly.

Was there mail on Labor Day 2018?

That might come as surprise, but for over 100 years this is a federal holiday, when most companies have their day-off. So it’s safe to say, that in 2018 on this very same holiday, postal companies did not provide any services, and there did not come any mail on Labor Day except for the critical deliveries mentioned above. So in case you were planning to schedule your delivery or pickup with any of carrier companies, or visit their offices to manage any deliveries for this particular date you might want to reconsider this decision, as in no way does mail run on Labor Day.  

Written by Barbara D.

Last modified 24.04.2019