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Is Fedex open on Columbus Day 2019?


Mar 28 2019

Not until will you observe the FedEx schedule on Сolumbus Day 2019 then you will be able to order your shipping.

YES, Fedex is working on Columbus Day.

does fedex deliver on columbus day 2019

fedex columbus day 2019

Did you know that Americans celebrate the day when Christopher Columbus's arrived on the continent? It’s an important day for the US, but do people observe it? Is Fedex open on Columbus day? Let’s find out what are its business hours, and which services are provided during this day.

Columbus Day is a national holiday in both North and South America. It’s organized to commemorate to the anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492 (or on October 21 by Julian Calendar). This holiday is celebrated not only in the USA, but in other American countries, as well.

Does Fedex deliver on Columbus day 2019?

Does Fedex deliver on Columbus day? It has the same schedule as many other postal companies and works all day long. All types of delivery are provided as usual, be that standard or express shipping on the territory of the US and abroad. Customers can receive parcels at home or in Fedex offices. Customer support is provided by phone, email, and other means of communication.

In 2018, Fedex Columbus schedule was not adjusted – it stayed the same as usual. The postal service provider was executing shipments. In 2019, Fedex will also work by its traditional business hours. However, the parcels delivered by Fedex Smartpost service might be delayed because USPS can take a day off.

Services available during Fedex Columbus day

As you can guess, Fedex provides the whole gamut of services for its clients. Since Fedex Columbus day schedule stays the same, the company delivers shipments to postal offices and clients’ doors. The sorting centers will also function. The only reason for parcel delay is other postal companies taking a day-off. If your shipment is handled by third-party carriers together with Fedex, delivery time might be affected.

Does Fedex run on Columbus day? Yes. But what about its website and application? Of course, they are always available regardless of holidays. You can track your parcels and manage deliveries via the official Fedex website and mobile application. Just enter the client area and proceed to orders. All essential shipping information will be there.

So, is Fedex open on Columbus day? Absolutely yes. It delivers parcels and provides all other services during this day. However, Fedex Smartpost shipments might be delayed because of other postal companies having a day off.

Written by Katherin M.

Last modified 02.04.2019