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Does Fedex deliver on July 4th 2019


Mar 14 2019

Not until will you observe the FedEx working hours on 4th of July 2019, you will be able to plan and organize all the deliveries on Independence Day.

NO, Fedex doesn’t deliver on Independence Day.

fedex open july 4 2019

fedex 4th of july 2019

Independence Day is one of the most significant American holidays – so far, most of organizations observe this day. Does Fedex deliver on July 4th? Let’s find out how the company works during this day, and which services are provided for customers.  

Independence Day takes place on the Fourth of July. This is the official occasion in the United States that is committed to the celebration of the Declaration of Independence of the United States set up on July 4th, 1776. On that day, the Congress expressed 13 American states were not the subordinates of the British Empire anymore. From that point forward, they have become free and autonomous states.

Is Fedex open on July 4th 2018?

Is Fedex open on July 4th? Unlike some other major postal companies in the USA, Fedex recognizes this holiday but does not observe it. It transports packages, and clients can get their shipment in Fedex offices or at home. Almost every type of delivery is available, including standard and express shipping. The client support is provided by means of telephone and email by the same schedule as usual.

Was Fedex open July 4 in 2018? No, the company provided none of services, except Fedex Custom Critical. It’s okay for express delivery to be delayed – because all the offices will be closed.

Fedex 4th of July schedule

As we've referenced, Fedex 4th of July schedule is affected – the company doesn’t work by its usual business hours. In both sorting centers and postal workplaces, people don’t continue providing service – Fedex doors aren’t opened throughout the day. Thus, you can’t visit the nearest office to get professional assistance or anticipate for your shipment to be delivered right to your doorstep. Fedex July 4th schedule isn’t perfect for people who need hitch-free delivery of their mission-critical parcels.

However, you can get all vital data about the transportation procedure on the official Fedex site and mobile application. They are accessible 24/7 regardless fourth of July or any other holiday. Using a tracking number, customers can check out their packages on the Fedex site or with third-party services.

Does Fedex deliver on July 4th? No, it doesn’t perform any essential kinds of delivery including standard and express shipping. The only service available is Fedex Custom Critical.


Written by Katherin M.

Last modified 02.04.2019