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When planning your visit to the local post office it is always best to check Canada Post Hours for the particular facility you would like to go to before planning your visit. Of course if you are already a regular at one of the local carrier’s offices and frequently use their services, you might not need to check with their business schedule.

But in case you’ve recently changed your postal services provider, you should better check Canada Post opening hours for your new office as well as closing time for it during different business days and holidays. Cause operating hours for different locations are not the same, it is always best to know for sure if your PO would be open right when you need it to be.

How to check Canada Post office hours?

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For any particular location, you have interest in you can easily check business hours online at carrier’s official website. Canada Post office hours can be found using the locator or by downloading the list of company’s locations.

Both, the list and the results of your search will include information on opening and closing time for the location you need. For any additional information concerning Canada Post working hours, you can call centralized customer support or your local post office representative. All the contact numbers can be found in the already mentioned list of offices.

Are Canada Post holiday hours different from usual?

As most of you might already know, post office business hours might change drastically depending on the day of the week, and also, on the day of the year. That is why Canada Post holiday hours do differ from the regular schedule.

For some national holidays, postal locations are closed completely and you cannot either send nor receive any kinds of parcels. For some holidays, though, post offices work with modified hours and do provide a regular or reduced list of services to the public. In case you are not sure about Canada Post Hours for your local PO during the upcoming holiday, do not hesitate to check with customer support to plan your business with the company accordingly.

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