Aramex review by Naser Saleh

Unfortunately there is no rating below one star that I can give to this company. If you think that you’ve seen it all when it comes to bad customers services, well think again!!! I guess you have not had an opportunity to deal with Aramex and for that consider yourself lucky. I’ve used Aramex to return couple of items that I’ve purchased from Europe , it’s a small shipment under one KG, the shipment left Dubai on Aug 6 I believe and as of my writing this review, the shipment still undelivered. I was contacted by someone from the company three days later asking for a phone number to the merchant in the UK, I contact the merchant and got a phone number immediately and gave it to them. Thinking that all is good and the shipment will be delivered shortly, to my surprise 2 days later I found out that the shipment still setting at customers in the UK and since then the shipment is still undelivered. I have been calling daily once or twice, talking to customer service agents, spoke to a manager and still no answer on why the shipment still at custom. They keep telling me that they’ve messaged the UK operation team and they are waiting for an answer. More than two weeks later and no answer, no feedback no one from the company is taken the time to follow up. By far this is the worse company I ever dealt with, no concept of customer service, lack of responsibility from employees, managers. Simply put it, don’t deal with them, don’t give them your business

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